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Radio turns more people on – Don’t dismiss radio, it’s more impactful than you imagine

In this exciting age of digital it is easy to overlook the value of radio advertising or wrongly assume that it is less compelling than other channels.  Undeniably, the younger demographic do have a preference for listening to music using online video and streaming services via platforms like Spotify who are significantly increasing their foothold.  However, in the UK 9 out of 10 adults still tune into radio each week – that’s 48.7 million people.   Digital radio has also made radio more accessible to the masses – 58.9% of total radio listening is now via a digital platform with 30 million adults owning a DAB digital radio.

Digital radio also enables advertisers to target much more specifically based on listening preferences, region and age group to ensure the advertiser’s message is reaching its intended audience.  No doubt the day will come when listeners receive personalised ads based on a stored profile but for now, there are still plenty of persuasive reasons for looking at radio.

When was the last time you drove your car without the radio on?

People do listen to radio ads and unlike TV where there is a tendency to channel hop, radio listeners do not change stations with the same frequency and are often more loyal to their station of choice.  Radio’s avoidance score is joint-lowest with cinema.  The RAB (Radio Advertising Bureau) estimate that 57% of listeners have checked out a product or service online after hearing about them on the radio while 39% revealed they have been compelled to search for something on the internet after radio prompted them to do so.

The effectiveness of local radio stations should not be overlooked.  These constitute an integral part of the community and businesses advertising on local radio can benefit from making that association and connection.  Listeners often develop an affinity for a particular presenter and think of them almost as a ‘friend.’  This feeling can extend to regular advertiser and sponsors if they get their messaging right.

Radio is a great selling tool because with the right script and voice you can convey emotion and authority and it can also be a very cost effective and speedy option.  With most stations offering excellent packages and deals that include scripting, production and licensing you really can reach more people for less than you may think and get on air in only a matter of days – great news for last minute campaigns.

In the turbulent times we live in, people often revert to traditional forms of media for information which explains why radio remains a reliable medium for listeners and advertisers.

Radio definitely has a part to play in a company’s media mix so as you continue developing your marketing strategy why not consider radio as part of your media planning and buying strategy to compliment other activity?  Unlike other forms of advertising, with radio, when your ad is airing you really are centre stage; there is no competing noise for your target audience’s attention.  Newspapers today average at 2/3 ad copy to 1/3 editorial copy and TV spends a 1/3 of its time on ad breaks.  Conversely, radio allocates around 10 minutes of advertising an hour making it favourable as an uncluttered medium.

From script to station, we can get you the airtime and responses your brand deserves.  In 2015, in the UK, radio advertising revenue reached £592 million nationwide.  It is expected to rise by 4.3% in 2016.  Talk to Opticomm about how we can get your voice heard on radio.

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Sanjeev Patel