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Are you revolving around Facebook’s carousel format?

With up to five times the opportunity to strike a chord with your audience, perhaps you should be. 

We all know that Facebook is an online giant and that these days, whatever you sell, whoever you sell it to, a Facebook business page is essential.  But did you also know that by adopting Facebook’s carousel ads you can, according to data from Kinetic Social, drive up to 10 times more traffic than regular static sponsored posts?

More than ever people crave interaction with their advertising so Facebook’s carousel is the perfect way to share with your audience how to use a product or the rationale behind your brand.  The majority of us have access to instant knowledge thanks to mobile technology so it follows that consumers now expect marketers to provide them with information in a format that gives them what they want, when they want it.

As the name carousel suggests, Facebook’s carousel format assists advertisers on both Facebook and Instagram to present between 3 to 5 images, links and calls-to-action in a single ad unit.  On desktop, these automatically scroll across allowing you to create a visual story and explain more about your offering.  On mobile, the user can swipe across to move between the images.  The carousel ads appear in both mobile and desktop news feed for the purposes of website clicks, website conversions, app installs and app engagement and page post engagement ads.  Whether it’s promoting a product or creating brand awareness, this format gives you the opportunity to do more.

However, more than just giving a product tour, this is a fantastic option for sharing and promoting articles and driving newsletter signups.  Your investment in your articles can go so much further; why not break down a popular topic and share it in bite size chunks with a link to read more?

Before you get started, consider how the Facebook carousel format fits in your overall marketing plan and strategy; are you looking to drive sales or educate your clients?  To really optimise the power of carousel make sure you track your links; by directing visitors to specific landing pages you can persuade them to order one of your products, find out more about your service, sign up for a newsletter or download your app.  Analyse what works best and keep optimising.  Although your images will be automatically optimised displaying the image and link that drives the most engagements, you can specify that ads are shown in a particular sequence.

Just think, this is giving you up to five times the opportunity to strike a chord with your audience.  It also follows that your cost per click or cost per conversion will be proportionately less too.  A solution that increases sales and reduces expenses has got to be a win-win; on average this format achieves conversions at a cost between 30%-50% lower than single image link ads.

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This is a fantastic way to showcase your brand and tell your story.  Try different approaches and experiment to discover what impact small changes to copy/image can make to response.  With us all facing so many adverts on all platforms it is more important than ever to beat ad fatigue with compelling, stand-alone content.  If you want to get really sophisticated why not create a carousel ad using Facebook’s 360 degrees virtual tour?

If you are interested in our specialist ops team optimising your Facebook carousel campaign or any other aspect of your social marketing talk to us today.  This is a powerful addition to your media buying and planning strategy toolbox.

If you are already using Facebook carousel, tell us what you think and whether it has made a difference to your engagement.

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