What we do

https://opticomm.co.uk/the-team/The face of media and communications is dramatically changing and we are excited to be a part of that change. We are passionate about seeking out new opportunities for our clients and creating plans which evolve, inspire and tread new ground. But we also know the value of experience. It is our balance of innovation, expertise and knowledge that makes us confident that we can create a media plan which is best for you and your brand.

We believe great planning is achieved through a combination of insightful audience data, a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace and a forward-thinking team who bring a fresh perspective to your brief. Starting with your objectives, we employ data and research platforms with our own expertise to identify what your audience looks like and how best to reach them in today’s cluttered marketplace.

We also know how important it is to be accountable. This is why we provide useful, actionable feedback throughout the campaign and in-depth post-campaign analysis examining how you have been successful as well as how we can look to improve.

Smart data

At Opticomm, we utilise a breadth of research tools in order to identify your target demographic and how best to engage with them. As well as established industry platforms such as TGI, Touchpoints and Mediatel we also new to market research such as social media listening tool Pulsar. We will never make lazy assumptions about what your audience looks like or how they behave but rather base all of our recommendations on current data and our collective wealth of industry experience.

Breadth & Depth

Together, our team possess expertise and experience across all media disciplines. So, whatever your requirements – from programmatic digital display to multichannel TV campaigns – we’ve got it covered. We specialise in established media channels, such as television, press, radio, cinema, outdoor and direct mail, as well as an expanse of online channels; online display, PPC & biddable, social media, mobile & VOD (video on demand).

Brand + Response

Our approach combines the rigour of direct response with the knowledge of brand ideas, resulting in engaging campaigns with a quantifiable impact. The importance of these two elements is acknowledged industry-wide; however, few agencies focus on them in unison – where they are most effective. Our experience of brand-building, coupled with insightful econometric modelling, equips us to deliver through-the-line campaigns which both build brand identity and generate consumer response, creating a complementary cycle where each strengthens the other.