Tune in to the right frequency before your customers turn off

It was Einstein who famously said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Certainly, when things are going well, conversely, it would seem crazy to deviate from a winning formula. As Sanjeev Patel, Head of Digital at Opticomm observes, “We have seen time and time again that when frequency is driven across multiple touch points, the impact is trebled or in some cases, quadrupled when planned well.”

But let’s face it, as humans we are all creatures of habit; many of us thrive on routine meaning it is challenging to adopt an alternative approach.  It requires endeavour, creativity and time. But if things stay the same, if you remain in your comfort zone, you’re unlikely to break the mould and stand out from the crowd.

In business, when we take our customers for granted, seek them, or look to retain them by the same means, you’ll often get the same results.  It also allows the opportunity for competitor companies to speak to your customers in a fresh voice that can be appealing.

In marketing, we know that there is an important place for repetition. We need to educate the buyer to our brand/product and then work to make it their preferred choice. Rarely does action come about on the first encounter so repetition serves as an important reminder to revisit our proposition.

If you’ve ever been at an event or occasion and struggled to remember someone’s name, you’ll know that repetition is crucial for information recall.  Marketing is the same – repeating a message so people remember your brand over others. After all, the more you see or hear something, the more you remember it.  That’s why you sing along to that irritating jingle on a radio ad. It’s worth remembering that on average, people need to see or hear a message at least seven times before it sinks in.

You can also say the same thing in a different way by shining fresh light on an existing idea or approaching from a new angle. Plus, if you do your marketing really well, then clients come to expect a certain level of consistency and familiarity associated with your content that is synonymous with your values and company ethos. It also builds trust and credibility in your brand.

A word of warning – Although repetition can be used as a means to keep a brand or topic forefront in consumers’ minds, too much can cause consumer fatigue.  It’s crucial that repetition is executed in the right proportion in order to be effective.

In media you can’t stand still or you will be overtaken. That’s why, at Opticomm, our finger is always on the pulse seeking the very latest media solutions to drive your results.  Plus, in today’s digital environment, there have never been more opportunities to repeat your message in the same way over a different channel. Win-win.  Talk to us today to discover how to get the repetition balance just right.

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