Why pay someone to do something you can do yourself

DIY marketing could cost you in the long-run

It can be tempting in business to try and save costs and keep projects and activity in-house.  You feel like you’re more in control of both the direction of travel and the purse strings. After all, why pay someone to do something you can do yourself? Well, most of the time, things work smoothly and successfully when everyone sticks to what they’re best at.  When they don’t, it can cost you financially.

Rather than looking at marketing as something you spend money on, think of it as an activity you are investing in.  Marketing done well is multi-faceted and to be effective must be adopted through a range of strategies employing different platforms.  When you regard your marketing agency as an extension of your own business, working for a common goal, you can be confident of retaining your brand integrity, growing your customer base and earning more revenue as a result. To stay ahead and stand apart, a company must adopt and executive a marketing strategy for the long-term.

Modern marketing, especially the digital landscape, can be difficult to navigate and costly if not justified by a ROI.  That’s why hiring professional assistance really does stack up.

In your own workplace, you have no doubt evaluated the strengths of your workforce and then matched these to your corporate goals and objectives. At Opticomm, we do the same, applying the right professionals and skillsets to meet your targets by considering your audience, social media presence, brand integrity, content, graphic design and call-to-action.  All of this requires expertise from different departments.

A crucial starting point is your website – the store window to your company.  First impressions, really do count so it’s crucial to ensure your website is well-designed and provides a good user experience to visitors, regardless of the platform they approach it from, before you undertake any marketing activity.  This is where an agency can help you evaluate if your site is SEO-friendly, quick to load, in keeping with your brand and better than your competitors.

And once your presence is established on and offline, how do you measure and analyse engagement?  Again, that is where a marketing expert earns their crust – by evaluating activity, bounce rates, impressions and interactions and responding accordingly.

Time is also a compelling factor.  Businesses large or small are usually time poor.  Why take time and attention away from tasks that you can’t outsource when you can employ professional marketers to achieve more with less and drive your revenue in the long-term.

At Opticomm, we’ve put an end to ‘one size fits all’ planning – we ensure our clients know what they are buying and why.  And we make your budget work harder by negotiating every purchase for your benefit and your benefit only.  That way you can spend your time doing what you do best, safe in the knowledge we are doing the same.

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