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YouTube not-for-profit features rolled out!

Giving opens the way for receiving; YouTube gives us a glimpse of not-for-profit features that will transform charitable giving

Working with a number of not-for-profit organisations means finding maximum opportunities at optimum price. So there’s always a rush of excitement when there is a new launch or feature that enables content creators to support a charity’s causes and YouTube has done exactly that.

YouTube Giving is essentially a new arsenal of tools to enable creators to simply and swiftly create charity campaigns. And the best bit?  YouTube will not take any of the monies raised.

Youtube gives us a glimpse of YouTube giving, a suite of features that aids and helps make a difference through charitable giving to over 1m not-for-profits. These features include Fundraisers (beta), Community fundraisers (beta), Campaign matching (beta), and Super Chat for Good.

These features have only been released to a select set of creators in the US but no doubt they will penetrate the UK not-for-profits soon

  • Fundraisers (beta) – Use your voice for good

Fundraisers allow fans to donate to creator-led campaigns directly on YouTube via a “Donate” button, making it easier than ever for creators and fans to raise funds for causes they care about on the platform. Creators can simply set up their campaigns, and YouTube takes care of the logistics and payment processing.

  • Community Fundraisers (beta) – Do more good together

The feature is designed so that a Community Fundraiser will appear on participating creators’ videos at the same time and reflect the collective amount of money their communities are raising together.

  • Campaign matching (beta) – Multiply your impact for good

In the coming weeks, YouTube will also roll out Campaign Matching, allowing creators who organise Fundraisers and Community Fundraisers to receive matching pledges to help amplify their efforts. This beta feature will display matching pledges from other creators or brands directly within the Fundraiser to help inspire more fans to get involved and maximize impact

  • Super Chat for Good – Livestream for good

When an eligible creator enables Super Chat for Good, 100% of Super Chat for Good purchases will be automatically routed to a qualifying not-for-profit chosen by the creator. They work like the Super Chats that you already know and love, highlighting your message in the chat stream and showing your support for your favourite creators and the causes they care about.

These features will definitely help make collecting easier for charities receiving traffic from organic sources rather than paid. However, having only just been released in the US, it could be at least 6 months before it crosses the pond for UK not-for-profits to test. Opticomm will be keeping a close eye on this and speaking to our clients about their options in the near future. If you have any questions in the meantime then feel free to get in touch.  What is certain, is that this will have a major impact on all the good work being done by charities and we look forward to being part of it.

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